An independent, fan-run convention for 47 years

ICON traces its origins back to the Science Fiction League of Iowa Students, founded by Joe Haldeman at the University of Iowa. Now a fan-run, volunteer-staffed project of the Mindbridge Foundation, ICON boasts a dedicated membership and award-winning Guests of Honor.


ICON 47: The Prime Universe – Celebrating How Alternate Universes Intersect with Our Own

We are proud to announce our Guests of Honor as Nicholas Meyer, famed for his varied involvement in film and literature ranging from Star Trek to Sherlock Holmes, and Mitch Bentley, award-winning artist of spacescapes, magical realism, and visionary works. Our featured charity this year is Freedom to Read.

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We offer spaces for visual artists to display and sell their work, as well as tables in our Dealer Hall for merchandise. For an outreach-focused presence at ICON, we offer Fan Tables, which are typically centrally located near our Dealer Hall for maximum foot traffic.

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Every year we hold an auction for a featured charity. We welcome any and all items for this purpose, as well as programming materials, gifts for Guests of Honor and Benefactors, and promotional materials.

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