Tom Ashwell

Tom was born in Canada, the middle child of five. When he was young he worked as a stable hand and played hockey. He loves animals and is currently without a pet.. :( Cursed with a high IQ, he studied physics, electronics, chemistry, astronomy and computers in high school and three universities. He has been everything from the aforementioned stable hand to a corporate manager, spending more than nine years as a database consultant. He occasionally conducts private research involving physics and/or electronics and belongs to at least one private think tank. He has done some acting once he 'got out of his shell' and performed at Renaissance festivals for years. He currently works at a job he is not allowed to disclose any details about, makes leather crafts for Renaissance fairs (Frog N Bottle), writes science fiction and occasionally blogs. (amitiel-colloquium). Jack of all trades and master of none. A good background for this kind of writing. His quick wit and charm can make him the life of the party, but he also has no time for aggressive idiots. If you want to talk to him, find his fan page on Face Book. Get to know him. He is truly unique.