Jenny and Steve Todd

Fan Guests

Steve and Jenny met at the ICON room party at DemiCon, and ICON has been a big part of their life ever since.  Jenny was in TICC productions for several years before becoming the Consuite Queen.  When she started running the Consuite small budgets were stretched by baking for months before the con.  She enjoyed running the Consuite because everyone wandered through eventually to talk to her.  Steve loudly and frequently protested that he wasn’t on staff, she was, but year by year “just helped her out” more and more.  He started by hauling stuff in and hauling it out again, but took over putting down plastic, making the fudge, chopping the vegetables, and other small things.  The Chainmail Guy sometimes let workshops, teaching others to play with metal.  He sold shiny things at the DemiCon Dealer’s Room, but not at ICON because “gotta help Jenny”.