Christopher Weuve

Christopher Weuve is a professional naval analyst and wargame designer. He spent six years at the Center for Naval Analyses (where he learned the Combat Information Center of a Burke-class destroyer would make an excellent starship bridge), and then five years on the faculty of the US Naval War College After a decade as an intelligence analyst, he's now back to designing wargames for the Department of Defense. Outside the day job, he's a founding member of BuNine (David Weber's Honorverse analytic visualization team), and was an editor for "House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion," in which he also co-authored (with David Weber) the "Building a Navy in the Honorverse" chapter. As both an avid science fiction fan since before he was old enough to read and a Distinguished Graduate of the Naval War College, Chris spends his free time analyzing Real-World(tm) naval warfare and how similar subjects are represented in science fiction. (He currently does this on YouTube, on a show called "Starfleet Tactical" on the Ares Studios channel.)