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Registration prices:
$    0.00  12 and under
$  55.00  13 and over
$ 150.00 Benefactor (all Ages)
$ 100.00 Paradise ICON  (restrictions Apply)

At this time we are only taking one registration per form.

Your Information:

Make sure to put the Last name in the first box
24 characters including spaces maximum (anything past 24 will be cut off during printing). Regular characters please the system will not print all special characters on the badge. All names must be appropriate.
City the attendee lives in.
2 letter abbreviation
5 digit
For 12 & under number must be adult 18+
Pricing good now to April 30th.

Optional Emergency contact information for Adults

If you were born before 10/18/2007 you can choose to fill out the Emergency contact information below. The Emergency contact person is the one we would contact if you were unable to communicate for yourself in case of accident or serious illness.

Read the agreement below before submitting your registration.
By purchasing this registration you are agreeing to and accepting to follow all rules and policies of Iowa-ICON and Mindbridge Foundations.
At any time should you be in violation of the listed policies, you may be required to surrender your badge and/or leave the premises for the duration of the weekend.  For the complete Rules, guidelines and policies go to: and

You also agree to allow photos containing yourself in group/location candid shots to be used for ICON promotional materials.  ICON photographers will always ask before hand when taking posed photos.  Photos will not be sold to any 3rd party.

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