V-ICON45 Schedule

Hello, and welcome to V-ICON! Here you will find a list of what you can do at V-ICON and where you can find events.

On V-ICON’s website you can find
Dealers Room
Art Show
Gaming Information Page

On Twitch
Video Stream Schedule containing programming and presentations

On Discord
Fan Chat list (literal text chats this year)
Audio Chat Room+ Schedule (the ConSuite)
Author Readings – links to list of authors and their website

On Facebook
-Costume Contest

Video Stream on Twitch

Many of our programs are pre-recorded. If it’s pre-recorded look for the presenter in Twitch’s chat window.
If I program is being streamed live at the convention you will see that indicated in the description.

7:00 PM CST Opening Ceremonies – the shortest Opening Ceremonies in ICON’s history
7:05 PM CST TICC 19 – yes you read that right, we are bringing you the TICC skit from ICON19.
8:00 PM CST Wylde Nept Concert -If you don’t know who they are, you should Google them.
9:00 AM CST Cheap Copies: The Rise of Amateur Printing: Fanzines and the “Mimeograph Revolution” – with the University of Iowa Archives.
9:30 AM CST Who is Tigrina? Exploring Identity in Early SF Fandom – with the University of Iowa Archives.
10:00 AM CST I wrote a book! Now what? – with Erin Casey. Look for her in Twitch’s chat window during the presentation.
11:00 AM CST Toxic Geek Culture – Lets Talk about it Live at the con with Alex Penland & Erin Casey.
12:00 PM CST How to make ramen – The Penticoff’s invite you into their kitchen for a cooking lesson.
12:30 PM CST Art Show – Join the Art Show staff for a live Q&A about what’s in the show and how to bid.
1:00 PM CST Diversity and representation issues in Fandom – live panel with Alex Penland, Erin Casey, and Jim Hines
2:00 PM CST Joe and Gay Haldeman interviewed by Jenny Carhoff – Joe Haldeman is a local author and one of the founders of ICON.
3:00 PM CST Paradise Author Readings – Live author readings from Paradise ICON, a writers workshop run by Catherine Schaff-Stump.
4:00 PM CST Co-writing Getting Through Writers Block – live panel with Erin Casey, Catrina Taylor, Jolene Buchheit, Mark Wandry
5:00 PM CST Visions of Machine Learning: Skynet or C3P0 – presentation by Tony Penticoff.
6:00 PM CST Violet Realm – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Room, run by Erin Casey from Iowa City’s The Writer’s Rooms.
7:00 PM CST Gene Coon – The Heart of Star Trek presentation by Matt Mckeever.
8:00 PM CST Dungeon Masters Workshop – live with Tony Penticoff
9:00 PM CST Costume Contest Winners Announced
9:30 PM CST Wylde Nept Concert – encore
10:00 PM CST Wylde Nept Concert – encore (ends 10:45)
11:00 PM CST Chocolate Ceremony


If you aren’t interested in what’s happening on V-ICON’s Twitch page head on over to Discord for fan text chats, author readings, and the video chat rooms.

Fan Chats

Text chats found on Discord.

Juvenile Fiction: It’s not just for kids – Book recommendations and fan chat.
Feel Good Science Fiction and Fantasy – Book recommendations and fan chat.
What have you been binging on? – Whether tv-series or books share and discuss what you have been binging on in 2020.
Virtual Gaming – Has your gaming gone virtual? Are you looking to? Share and discuss options, resources, and suggestions here.
How Geek Culture prepared me for 2020 – Did you have a stache of toilet paper in preparation for a zombie invasion?, used your larping skills to make a protest shield like this guy , or showed a non-geek friend how to join a virtual game? Tell us how being a geek has helped you survive 2020.
Costuming with what’s on hand – It’s almost Halloween. You — or your children or partner or parents or etc. — want to dress up! But costumes don’t count as essential, and the economy’s a mess, and maybe you just don’t want to go out. What fun/amazing/spooky/adorable/hilarious/awe-inspiring costumes can you create from things you have around your home?
“Don’t Get Me Started…” – Challenge fellow con attendees to go into an angry rant on random prompts.

Audio Chat Room+ (the ConSuite)

What is a ConSuite without food?  A place to catch up with your con friends and fellow geeks.  What’s the plus? Sometimes it turns into a video chat room.

9:00 AM CST ConSuite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
10:00 AM CST Craft & Chat – Grab you craft materials and sit and chat in the ConSuite with fellow crafters. Video will be turned on this hour.
11:00 AM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
12:00 PM CST Author Meet & Greet – Want to meet some of the authors at V-ICON, this is your chance! Video will be turned on this hour.
1:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
2:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
3:00 PM CST Mindbridge Open Meeting – Mindbridge provides resources to people interested in Science Fiction and related areas.  They are the organization behind ICON, AnimeIowa, and Gamicon. Come to the meeting to find out more.  Video will be turned on this hour.
4:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
5:00 PM CST Pet Show and tell – Show off your furry and/or scaly significant other. Video will be turned on this hour.
6:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
7:00 PM  Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
8:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
9:00 PM CST Tales from the Gazebo – Share your epic adventures from Dungeons & Dragons or other gaming experiences.
10:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life
11:00 PM CST Con Suite – grab a virtual cookie and chat about life

Author Readings

Find videos of author readings at the top of the text chat with their name.  This year we have:

Jim C Hines
Catrina Taylor
Alex Penland
Erin Casey
Tambo Jones
Beth Hudson Wheeler


Gaming is being run by our sister convention Gamicon.  See the Gaming page to find out more.

Time Track 1 Track 2
9:00 AM Escape From Elturgard – Jon Maakestad
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
1:00 PM
Foundations of Rome Preview – Michele Maakestad
Imp of the Perverse – James Shannon
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
4:00 PM
Trogdor the Board game – Tim Rudzianski
4:30 PM
5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
Santorini – Amanda Bowersox
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
Nefarious – Amanda Bowersox
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
Mint Works – Amanda Bowersox
Subway Runners – James Shannon
8:30 PM
9:00 PM
Go Nuts for Donuts – Amanda Bowersox
9:30 PM
10:00 PM
The Night Cage Preview – Michele Maakestad
10:30 PM
11:00 PM
11:30 PM