How to Participate in V-ICON


We will be using www.discord.com and www.twitch.tv as our platforms for V-ICON. If you attended AnimeIowa 2020, this will be very similar. These platforms are free to use, and require an account and username to participate fully.


Discord is an instant messaging and voice meeting platform used by a lot of communities to gather together and chat. If you are familiar with Slack, an application used by many workplaces, it is very similar to that.

  • Where can I use Discord? Discord can be used on a PC/Mac, tablet or phone. It can be used through its website, www.discord.com, or installed as an app on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • How does V-ICON recommend I use Discord? It is the recommendation of V-ICON that the website is best for the average con attendee, as it is usable on computers and tablets. If you are experiencing issues with the website or using it on your phone, we recommend using the dedicated app, which can be downloaded from the Discord website or your phone’s app store.
  • How do I join V-ICON from Discord? Click here to reach our Discord server. If clicking the link doesn’t work, please try clicking the “Join a Server” button on Discord, and copying the link into the window. If all else fails, contact server administrator Betsy Casey at caseyxc@gmail.com.
  • What is available on the V-ICON Discord? There will be plenty of different text chat topics and even voice chat rooms for your enjoyment. Join the conversation and have fun!
  • What do I do if I need help? Try the helpdesk chat room! Someone will be there to answer your questions. If you need immediate assistance (you are being bullied, for example), type “@staff” to summon a staff member to your aid.
  • Will there be panels on Discord? Imagine Discord as the hallways and Consuite of a physical ICON — while there is no programming available on Discord, it serves as a bridge and social area between programming. All programming will be available on Twitch.


Twitch is online at www.twitch.tv, as a video streaming platform used mainly by gamers.

  • Where can I use Twitch? Twitch can be used on a PC/Mac, tablet, or phone. It can be used through its website.
  • How do I use Twitch? Find our channel at https://www.twitch.tv/iaicon, and enjoy! You only need to log into your account in order to use the chat function.
  • What is available on Twitch? All our panels and some other programming will be available on Twitch.
  • What do I do if I need help? Try our Discord helpdesk chat room! We will be happy to help answer your questions.