ICON 46 Seeking Further Horizons (2021)

About the Event

  • Theme: Seeking Further Horizons
  • Dates: October 15 through October 17, 2021
  • Location: the Marriott, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

About Our Theme

What does it mean to seek further horizons? As lovers of science fiction and fantasy, we stand on a firm foundation made up of those who came before, and reach farther and deeper into the unknown. What was fantastical to previous generations is reality now — and we seek to make reality what is science fiction to us now. Come explore with us!

Membership Rates for ICON 46

The Early Bird rate ends on October 1, 2021.

 Register online now! Adults (13 & up) Children (12 & Under)
Full Weekend Pass (Early Bird Rate) $50.00 Free with paid adult
Benefactor $125.00  N/A
Paradise ICON $100.00  N/A
At-the-Door Weekend Pass $70.00 Free with paid adult
At-the-Door Friday Pass $40.00 Free with paid adult
At-the-Door Saturday Pass $50.00 Free with paid adult
At-the-Door Sunday Pass $30.00 Free with paid adult

Guests of Honor

Eric Flint, Author Guest of Honor

Eric Flint’s writing career began with the science fiction novel Mother of Demons. With David Drake, he has collaborated on the six-volume Belisarius series, as well as a novel entitled The Tyrant. His alternate history novel 1632 was published in 2000, and has led to a long-running series with many novels and anthologies in print. In addition, he’s written a number of science fiction and fantasy novels. He now has more than sixty novels in print as well as many pieces of short fiction and dozens of anthologies which he’s edited. Flint is also the publisher of Ring of Fire Press and the Grantville Gazette electronic magazine. Flint graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1968 and later received a master’s degree in history from the same university. Despite those academic credentials, Flint spent the next quarter of a century as an activist in the American trade union movement, working as a longshoreman, truck driver, auto worker, steel worker, oil worker, meatpacker, glassblower and machinist. He has lived at various times in California, Michigan, West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Illinois. He currently resides in northwest Indiana with his wife Lucille.

Jeff Lee Johnson, Artist Guest of Honor

Jeff Lee Johnson has been an award winning freelance illustrator in the science fiction/fantasy genre for over 20 years. His art has appeared in games, books and magazines, on numerous websites, in TV commercials and educational materials, and even on the jumbotron at Target Field. He has dozens of book covers to his credit, and well over a thousand other commissioned illustrations under his belt. His clients have ranged from gaming companies and book publishers like Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, and Wizards of the Coast, and corporations like Best Buy, Target, and the Minnesota Lottery, as well as small press book publishers like Edge Publishing (Canada’s premiere speculative fiction publisher) and Abyss and Apex. He is currently working at Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee as an art director, and has enjoyed many hundreds of assignments for them and other clients in that industry. You can find numerous samples of his work at jeffleejohnson.com .

Beth Hudson, Fan Guest of Honor

photo of Beth Hudson
photo by Jim C. Hines

Beth was born to a family of bookworms, so it was inevitable that she was reading before she started kindergarten. Gobbling up the printed word, she drifted into the science fiction and fantasy lane. She wrote her first (bad) novel at the age of 13, but didn’t find fandom until college, when she was inveigled into joining the local student fan group and attending ICON 7. She spent some years doing low-level volunteering, gradually working her way up to two years running the Consuite, acting in TICC, and stitching together the program book. Later she took up the mantle of TICC director and sometimes writer. Her writing career has included a number of short stories published in small print magazines and anthologies, a novella, a short story anthology, and three novels, including Goldsong, published in 2020.




Joe and Gay Haldeman, Papa & Mama of ICON

photo by Jim C. Hines

Joe is an American science fiction author. He is best known for his 1974 novel, The Forever War. He has been a published author since 1969, when his first short story was published in Galaxy magazine. His work has won numerous awards, including (but not limited to) 5 Hugo awards, 5 Nebula awards, and a Grand Master Nebula award. Many of his works were inspired by his experience serving in the Vietnam War. He recently retired after thirty years of teaching at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Recent books include Earthbound, published in 2011, which was the last book in a trilogy that began with Marsbound and Starbound. Joe’s newest novel, Work Done for Hire, was published in 2014. In addition to being an award-winning writer, Joe is also a poet and a painter, and a founding member of ICON. Gay (Mary Gay Potter) Haldeman has a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Maryland and another in Linguistics from the University of Iowa. She has recently retired from teaching in the Writing Center at MIT after thirty years, specializing in English as a Second Language. She resides in Florida, where she manages Joe’s career. She has been doing science fiction conventions since 1963 and loves to meet new people. After more than 50 years of marriage, she still thinks Joe’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

Cheshire Moon, Music Guest of Honor

Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman of Cheshire MoonThe moon smiles down through the treetops as the mist of evening settles across the ground. Through the trees, you can see a fire going, and something moving around it. You venture closer, the strains of a violin drifting out over the crickets and owls. A guitar joins in, and as you reach the clearing that holds the fire, you behold a curious sight. A pair of fairy creatures prancing around the flames, and indeed they are the music players. Voices join in all around you, as if the trees are joining in the song. One of them spots you, and pats a log, inviting you to stay a while….

Cheshire Moon, consisting of Daft Fae Lizzie Crowe and Head of Shenanigans Eric Coleman, will be performing songs off of their album, Callenwood as well as old favorites! From guardians to gods to ghostly encounters, come see what goes bump in the night and beyond!


Jim C. Hines, toastmaster

photo of Jim C. Hines in front of the TARDIS
Photo by Terri LeBlanc

Jim C. Hines has been ICON’s Toastmaster almost every year since 2012. He’s been writing even longer than that. His first novel Goblin Quest, the humorous tale of a nearsighted goblin runt and his pet fire-spider, came out in 2006. Since then, he’s finished the goblin trilogy and published a total of 15 books, including the Princess series of fairy tale retellings and the Magic ex Libris books, a modern-day fantasy series about a magic-wielding librarian, a dryad, a secret society founded by Johannes Gutenberg, a flaming spider, and an enchanted convertible. He’s also the author of the Fable Legends tie-in Blood of Heroes and a new middle-grade fantasy called Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen. He’s currently finishing up the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy, his first foray into humorous SF.

Jim’s short fiction has appeared in more than 50 magazines and anthologies. He won a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer back in 2012. He currently lives with his two children in mid-Michigan. You can find him at www.jimchines.com or on Twitter as @jimchines.



Our Chosen Charity: The Writers’ Rooms

The Writers' Room logo includes a feather pen in an ink bottle
The Writers’ Room

Our writing community has the amazing benefit of a massive collection of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. The Writers’ Rooms endeavors to bring these wonderful ideas together and help all writers with their craft. We strive to encourage and foster community-based knowledge to help lead literary sessions and provide a safe, positive writing environment. 

Our Rooms are moderated by both our Concierges and the members of our community. Community-led sessions tap into the wealth of our collective knowledge, allowing our writers to both share their own experiences and learn from other attendees. 

The Rooms can’t exist without you and your passion and experience! 


Staff for ICON 46

  • Concom: Betsy Casey, John Frick, Pamela Webster, Brian Anderson, Adam Brower
  • Treasurer: Robin Buskirk
  • Programming: Jess Penticoff, Sara Pitcher
  • Program Book: Beth Wheeler
  • Masquerade: Michelle Clark
  • Costume Central: Lynda Sherman
  • Hall Costume Contest: Ivy Gentry
  • Art Show/Auction: Pamela Webster, Sarah Herman
  • Volunteers: Brian & Ange Anderson, Doug Brenner
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: Patch Casey
  • InfoDesk: ConComs
  • Dealer Hall: Gregg Parmentier
  • Fan Tables: No Fan Tables for 2021
  • Registration: Denise Gehling
  • Hotel Liason: Momma YaYa
  • Room Parties: No room parties for 2021
  • ConSuite: Erica Johnston, Leon, Jake, Cheyenne
  • GoH Liaisons: Eleanor Ray, Denny Lynch, Terri LeBlanc
  • Gaming: Michele Maakestad
  • Game Room: Michele Maakestad, Jim Castlebury
  • Video Gaming: Adam Brower, Alex Phillips
  • Logistics: Brian Anderson
  • Signage: Chelsea Eldeen
  • AV Tech: Fred Coverdill
  • Health/Safety/Security: Sheril Bogenrief
  • Con Medic: Sheril Bogenrief
  • Keystone Events Patch Casey
  • Blood Drive Momma YaYa
  • Chocolate Ceremony Michelle Clark
  • TICC Beth Wheeler, Patch Casey
  • Paradise ICON Cath Schaff-Stump
  • Wylde Nept: No Wylde Nept in 2021
  • IT Tech: Anthony Penticoff
  • Online/Virtual Presence: Anthony Penticoff
  • Webmaster: Terri LeBlanc, Genevieve Johnson
  • Publicity/Social Media: Doug Brenner, Dan Kauffman