Do I qualify for a complimentary membership? or Who is eligible for a complimentary membership?

ICON provides complimentary membership for industry professionals, and membership for one accompanying person at a reduced rate ($30 adult, $20 child). We anticipate that any professional who is granted complimentary membership will be willing to participate in programming; the intent of these memberships is to facilitate the interaction of pros and fans, for their mutual benefit.

If you wish to receive a complimentary membership, please complete our contact form to confirm that you qualify well before the pre-registration deadline so we can include you in our programming and have badge(s) available. No walk-in complementary memberships will be provided.

Industry professionals are defined as follows:

  • Authors/writers should meet the requirements for Active membership in the Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA). (Current membership is not required.)
  • Published authors who do not meet the above qualifications, but who would like to be considered for complimentary membership, may contact the address above with a brief summary of their publications and any professional writers’ society memberships.
  • Professional artists, editors, gaming pros, comic pros, actors, etc., will be considered on an individual basis and should contact the address above with a brief summary of their qualifications. (Links to your webpage are also helpful.)
  • Any artist or author guest of honor from a previous ICON.
  • The original six founders of ICON.