programming at ICON
Megan Lara, Lar DeSouza and Daniel Mohr at ICON 39.
image by Terri M. LeBlanc

About Programming at ICON

Most of our panels and workshops come from ideas submitted by our membership. We encourage everyone to submit ideas. You do not have to moderate or be a part of the panel or workshop to submit an idea.  Without your ideas for panels and workshops, ICON would be stale and boring. We are always looking to bring new things to ICON.

Programming suggestions for the upcoming convention are accepted between the beginning of January and the end of June each year.  Watch this space for more information about how to submit your idea!

Submit a Programming Idea

Recent Programming Suggestions

Below is list of recent programming suggestions. Let us know which suggestions you definitely want to see at ICON 44.

(Note: Just because a suggestion is listed in the poll, does not guarantee it will be at ICON 44. This poll is updated monthly.)