Types of Gaming at ICON

  • Open gaming
  • Scheduled gaming
  • Mature gaming starts at 10 PM and goes until dawn on Friday and Saturday

How to Game at ICON

  • Register for ICON.
  • Join us in our DEDICATED gaming rooms, the Cedar Rapids and Dogwood Rooms, starting on Friday.

Game Room Hours

  • Friday from Noon to Midnight
  • Saturday from 9 AM to midnight
  • Sunday from 10 AM open to 2 PM

All games must be checked into Mindbridge Game Library by Noon on Sunday.

Interested in Running a Game at ICON?

If you are interested in running a game or two or maybe three at any point during the weekend, please contact us so we can get your game on the schedule.

A Word About Mature Gaming

Games which may contain themes of intense violence, sexual content and/or strong language that might be offensive to some adults and not appropriate for younger gamers will not be allowed in the gaming room this year. Mature-themed games can be checked out with a legal picture ID from the Mindbridge Game Library in the main gaming room and taken to a specified Mature Gaming Room. On Friday and Saturday if the Gaming Room is closed before players are done, the person who checked out the game is responsible for returning the game the next morning when the gaming room opens.