Dealers Room Policies

There are tables still available in the ICON 48 Dealer Room, but we are having technical difficulties with the sign-up process.
If you are interested in tables, please contact You will be contacted when the payment process is available.
ICON 48 Dealer Room October 13-15, 2023 Cedar Rapids Marriott 1200 Collins Rd NE

Sales hours: Friday 2:00PM to 6:00PM, Saturday 10:00AM to 6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

Dealer access hours: Thursday 7:00PM to 11:00PM, Friday 9:00AM to 6:30PM, Saturday 9:00AM to 6:30PM, Sunday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Table Price: $55 per 6’×3’ table, maximum three tables. $105 additional for electricity.

Membership Price: No membership is required for those working tables in the dealer room, unless you plan on taking part in any Con actvities. If you wish to take part in the festivities, you need to buy a membership.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: There will be no refunds for dealer tables if you have to cancel.

Availability of Storage and Shipments: The Marriott does not accept any freight or advance shipments and does not provide storage of vendor materials in advance of the event.

Merchandise Selling Location(s): Selling any merchandise outside the Dealer Room is prohibited. Merchandise may only be sold by a registered dealer in the Dealer Room. Any person or persons found selling merchandise outside the Dealer Room will be asked to leave the convention. A special dispensation may be requested before the convention for dealers wishing to sell items during specific events outside the normal Dealer Room hours and location. Individual authors may sell their own works in their own room party.

Dealer Room Cleanup/Teardown: All your items, equipment, etc. must be removed from the Dealer Room by 5:00PM on Sunday. Your assigned area must be in condition to be returned to hotel control by this time.

Use of Music and Lights: Music and lights must not diminish the convention experience for patrons, staff or other exhibitors. At convention staff’s request, exhibitors must lower volume, change music selection, or turn off their music and/or re-position or turn off their lights.

Weapons Policy: Pursuant to Iowa law, bladed weapons over 5 inches in total length (including handle) may not be handled by or sold to people under the age of 18. It is the responsibility of each dealer to ensure that these items are only handled by and/or sold to those 18 or older. A state-issued photo ID is the only acceptable means to determine a person’s age. Violation of this section of the weapons policy is grounds for immediate removal from the Dealer Room; no refund will be issued. The dealer must box any weapon purchased at the time of sale. It is the dealer’s responsibility to inform the purchaser that the weapon must be removed from the Convention area and immediately stored in a hotel room or secured vehicle. ICON staff has the final say as to what merchandise must abide by the policy.

Merchandise Policy: The sale of bootleg merchandise such as illegal recordings, videos, etc. is not allowed at ICON. If you are not sure if the item is allowed, please ask a convention staff member. The first violation will result in a verbal warning, at which time the merchandise must be removed from the Dealer Room. Any subsequent violations will be handled in accordance with the Violation Policy.

Adult Merchandise Policy: Material depicting nudity or sexual content may not be viewed or sold to people under the age of 18. It is the dealer’s responsibility to ensure that the material is only viewed and/or sold to those 18 and old. A state-issued photo ID is the only acceptable means of determining a person’s age. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate removal from the Dealer Room and no refund will be issued.

Violation Policy: Violation for any of the items in this contract or any special instructions (written or verbal) received from ICON Dealer Room Staff is grounds for removal from the Dealer Room, the convention, and the hotel. No refund of any kind will be issued to dealers removed from the Dealer Room. ICON has the responsibility to inform authorities of any violation of local, state, and/or federal laws.

Other Policies

  • It is the responsibility of the dealer to provide their own covers for their tables.
  • All boxes must be placed under your tables. If you run out of space under your tables, boxes may be neatly stacked within your allotted space, and must be covered in a neat fashion.
  • Nothing should be taped, tacked, or stapled to the floors, walls, ceiling and/or book drapes/backdrops.
  • ICON is not responsible for providing or acquiring food or beverages for the dealers.

Payment: Payment is processed by PayPal at the time of your registration. Payment by check, money order, or cash can be made by contacting the Dealer’s Room head at: The payment MUST be received in advance unless special arrangements are made. To make arrangements please contact Dealer’s Room head at the above listed E-mail. Tables will be reserved on a first come, first served basis, and formally assigned when payment is received. Cancellations will not be refunded as per Mindbridge policy.

Mindbridge, dba ICON, is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken merchandise or any other losses, liability, or damages. By signing below, you agree that you display your products at your own risk, and are responsible for paying all applicable sales tax. You also agree to follow all federal, state, and municipal laws (including but not limited to copyright, weapon, and adult merchandise statutes), and understand that violating these laws or convention rules may be grounds for removal from the dealer room, convention, or hotel without refund.

The Dealer’s registration is closed.