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Levels of Membership

You MUST have a membership to attend ICON programming events. Children who attend the convention must be accompanied by a paid adult and be supervised at all times.

Benefactor Benefits

  • Admission to ICON
  • Listed in program book
  • Access to the Art Show, Dealers’ Room, Con Suite and other convention programming
  • Preferred seating in front row at Opening Ceremonies Friday evening
  • Preferred seating in front row at Guests of Honor panel on Saturday
  • Invitation to the Sunday morning brunch with the Guests Of Honor
  • Preferred seating in front row at Closing Ceremonies on Sunday

Adult (13+) Benefits

  • Admission to ICON
  • Access to the Art Show, Dealers’ Room, Con Suite and other convention programming

Youth (0-12) Benefits

  • Admission to ICON
  • Access to the Art Show, Dealers’ Room, Con Suite and other convention programming
  • Must be accompanied by a paid Adult at all times.

Cost of Memberships

The Early Bird rate ends on September 22, 2022.

Register online
Available Passes Adults (13 & up) Children (12 & Under)
Full Weekend Pass (Early Bird Rate) $60.00 Free with paid adult
Benefactor $150.00  N/A
Paradise ICON $100.00  N/A
Professional Attendee* Application Required N/A
At-the-Door Weekend Pass $70.00 Free with paid adult
At-the-Door One-Day Pass $60.00 Free with paid adult
At-the-Door Explorer Pass** (good for 4 hours, limited access) $10.00 N/A
     Upgrade your Explorer Pass to a One-Day Pass $50.00 N/A
     Upgrade your Explorer Pass to a Weekend Pass $60.00 N/A

*All professional attendees requesting complementary memberships must submit an application to be considered. This must be done before the Early Bird deadline. No complementary memberships will be granted at the door. Learn more about complementary memberships.
**Explorer Passes are limited to 1 per person

Details about Registering at the Event

Online registration for ICON will end on September 22, 2022  After that date, you will need to register at the event during one of the following times.

  • Friday, October 14 between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM, 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday, October 15 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, October 16 from 9:00 AM to Noon

Our Registration FAQ

What is an ICON membership?

An ICON membership is essentially your “ticket” to attend the convention. At the convention, you will get a badge to wear showing that you have paid.

I have a child. Does he/she need a membership?

If they are 13 years of age or older, yes.

I have a child under 13. Does he/she need a badge?

Yes. On the back of every badge is emergency contact information that must be filled out for all attendees under 18. If you would like a printed badge for them to pick up at the door, you can email with your child’s name, birthdate and badge name. Otherwise, you may pick up a blank badge for them at the door.

How do I register online?

You can register online here.

How do I register by mail?

The convention has gone to online registration.  Should you need to register off line please contact and we will work with you to get you registered.

What if I do not pre-register?

You may register at the door, but the cost is higher.

Can I pre-register for a one day membership?

No, one day memberships are only available at the door.

I am only attending for one day. Are there single day memberships?

Yes. We offer a Saturday membership which is the same cost as pre-registration.  And a Explorer (4 hour) badge which will allow you to explore designated areas of the convention.  The badge must be returned at the end of that time where we will thank you for checking our convention.  Or you can upgrade to a weekend badge.  And if you attend and purchase your Explorer badge on Saturday, you can upgrade to a one day badge good for the rest of Saturday or the weekend badge which would include Sunday.  You must bring your Explorer badge when you leave or upgrade.

Do I qualify for a complimentary membership? or Who is eligible for a complimentary membership?

ICON provides complimentary membership for qualifing industry professionals.  We anticipate that any professional who is granted complimentary membership participate in programming; the intent of these memberships is to facilitate the interaction of pros and fans, for their mutual benefit.

If you wish to receive a complimentary membership, please complete our contact form to confirm that you qualify well before the pre-registration deadline so we can include you in our programming and have badge(s) available.

Sorry, no walk-in complementary memberships will be provided.

Industry professionals are defined as follows:

  • Authors/writers should meet the requirements for Active membership in the Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA). (Current membership is not required.)
  • Published authors who do not meet the above qualifications, but who would like to be considered for complimentary membership, may contact the address above with a brief summary of their publications and any professional writers’ society memberships.
  • Professional artists, editors, gaming pros, comic pros, actors, etc., will be considered on an individual basis and should contact the address above with a brief summary of their qualifications. (Links to your webpage are also helpful.)
  • Any artist or author guest of honor from a previous ICON.
  • The original six founders of ICON.

I am an artist, author, dealer or other industry professional and I want to attend ICON!


If you are vending in the Dealer’s Room, we can find a volunteer to watch your table during your scheduled panel(s). Just stop by the Volunteer table by registration.

What is a benefactor membership?

Benefactors provide additional monetary support for ICON.  For pledging additional funds for ICON, benefactors may received additional gifts, have seats up front reserved for programming including but not limited to opening ceremonies and special events such as concerts.  They may also be invited to a special Sunday brunch with the guests of honor.

How do I earn a membership doing volunteer work?

Volunteering for 20 hours during the convention will get you a free membership to the next convention. There are a few areas where you can earn double hours, including setup, teardown and Friday registration desk. Note that if you expect to get to 20 hours after teardown, you should let the registration head and/or the volunteer coordinator know before clean-up begins, and remind them afterward to make sure you get credit for clean-up.

What is a badge name?

Many attendees like to go by fun or unique names at conventions, this is their badge name. It is also useful if you go by a shortened version of your given name (i.e. Andy for Andrew). Please note that your full name will also be on the badge.  Badge names are limited to 24 characters including spaces and should be “family friendly”.  Should the name you choose is not, the registration department will get creative with the badge name we give you.

What badge name will I get if I leave that field blank?

The default is your first name only.

Why do you need my birthdate?

There are three age levels for the badges.  And each is a different color to be able to quickly idenytify the age group.

First is ages 0 – 12 and signifies the child must be with a registered adult to attend the convention.  They have emergance contact information on the back of their badge in case we would need to contact the adult by phone. If you find a child in this age group wandering around alone, stay with them and contact the staff so we can help find the childs family.

The next age group is from 13 – 17 years of age.  Although still consider a child (just a larger version) attendees in this age group do not require an adult to be with them at all times the badge still has emergancy contact information listed on the back.

The last group is 18 and over.  Although 18 to 20 year olds are considered adults in the state of Iowa, they are not old enough to drink alcoholic beverages.

So when having a room party where alcohol will be served, the ICON name badge is not a state or federal issued ID.  It is your responsibility and you must card your guests before they enter your party.  Should lawinforcement be called to check on your party and find underage guests in the room you could be subject to arrest, fines, and imprisonment.  Not a great end to a otherwise fantastic weekend.

I cannot make it to ICON this year, but I have already registered. What are my options?

We do not give refunds. However, you may either transfer your membership to another person, or forward it to next year. Except in cases of emergency (as determined by the current ConCom), this must be done before the pre-registration deadline.

If you earned your membership doing volunteer work, you may not transfer it to another person, but you may forward it to the next convention.

As a general attendee/member, what do I need to bring to the convention?

We do not send tickets. You only need a picture ID, but it is recommended that you bring your receipt (paper or electronic) just in case.

I am a dealer. Do I need to purchase a membership?

If you are not going to anything at ICON ,other than vend in the Dealers’ Room, you do not have to buy an ICON membership. If you want to take advantage of all that ICON has to offer, then yes you will need a membership.  Memberships include programming (including any concert[s]), Con Suite, room parties, video gaming and Non video gaming.

purchase a membership.