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ICON will be providing tables for fannish groups to promote themselves at ICON 44.  This includes SF/Fantasy/Steampunk/writing/etc clubs, groups, and conventions.  There is no cost for these tables.  The tables will NOT be for the purpose of sale of merchandise; but selling memberships to conventions, or dues for organizations, is permitted.  These tables will be in the common space in front of the function areas on the first floor of the hotel.  Fen attending the tables do not require memberships, but will only have access to the dealer room and art show without a membership.

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November 1 to 3, 2019

the Marriott, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Guests of Honor
Pat Murphy, author
Mystie Hollaman, fan
Shawn Palek, artist guest of honor
Misty Palek, artist guest of honor
Kat Pepmiller, costumer/cosplay artist guest of honor
Susan Leabhart, toastmaster
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A Word About Our Theme

Unpacking non-binary reality…

The world is not left or right, black or white, male or female, us or them, or Star Trek or Star Wars. It is a spectrum, a wide canvas of multiple hues and shades of grey. The foundation of the theme this year is inclusivity and debunking the myths and misinformation that seem rampant at times. We wanted to bridge gaps in knowledge and open dialogues. All we ask is that you listen and try to hear those of differing points of view. You may agree or you may disagree, but if you can’t buy an idea, opt to rent it for a time. Please be respectful and kind. Discussion is cool, but someone’s existence or validity is never up for debate. We are all people.

Charity Auction Donations

The Haunted Bookshop (Iowa City)
M and M Bookstore (Cedar Rapids)
Prairie Lights Bookstore (Iowa City)

Our Charity Auction which will benefit the James Tiptree, Jr. Foundation. Interested in donating? Send us a message with the details about your donation.

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About ICON

ICON is a Mindbridge Foundation project, a 501(c)7 Not-For-Profit Organization. ICON is Iowa’s longest-running, fan-organized science fiction and fantasy convention held in the fall of each year. Each convention features authors, artists, panels and workshops, gaming, parties, an art show, music, a dealers room and more.