Saturday Phen Feud


Heard of Family Feud?  This is *NOT* quite it, but it's fun!




Family Feud is an American television game show created by Mark Goodson where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. It is considered a spin-off of Match Game, whose panel included original host Richard Dawson.


Phen Feud is ICON’s version of Family Feud where we will have teams compete against each other for the most popular responses to phen friendly questions in order to win THE ULTIMATE ICON GAMING TROPHY and maybe a little something more.


ICON would like to host as many teams of 4 as we can for our Saturday Evening Entertainment! The DeCrane Sisters are delighted to host, have worked hard to gather the information for our questions and, of course, are keeping it in fun phen phrasing! Now, go get your teams together and email the sisters here to reserve your spot!


The Questions!


Elisabeth and Samantha need answers to some of the questions that they will be asking!

Please help by filling out your answers at


Game Rules


Two teams of 4 compete against each other.


One player from each team goes head to head to guess the most popular answer to the survey question.


Whoever picks the highest scoring answer will bring their team into play for that round.


The players from that team take turns guessing more answers to the survey questions. They cannot confer with each other.


If a player guesses an answer that is not among the survey answers, they will receive a strike. If a team gets 3 strikes, the play moves to the other team.


The other team is allowed to confer before answering. If the other team guesses one correct survey answer, they win the round.


The team with the most points after a predetermined number of rounds will win the game!




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