Writers Workshops


In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 there were very successful writers workships that we expect to be running again! All require special registration.


DreamCon - a Writers Workshop for High School and College Students Only



On Friday, September 29, 2017 from 1 pm until 5 pm at the Cedar Rapids Marriott, We have folks working in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Genres, which are particularly popular with young readers.


Open your imaginations and begin your own path to this exciting and rewarding field.


Learn how to share your stories, how to make them interesting, how to make them sellable, how to collaborate with editors and other writers.


Students will have an opportunity to meet professional writers and editors in panels and small group discussions.


Our multiple award winning authors have experience in the real world of publishing.


They are willing to share their knowledge and experience to give students tips on how to enter this challenging and competitive world.


In addition, attendees will have some free time to explore open parts of the convention during the afternoon.

The art show and the dealers' room will be setting up, so there will be many things to see or buy.


Finally, if students are interested in attending more of the full ICON experience, they can purchase an ICON membership for a full day or the entire weekend.


Admission to the DreamCon workshop is FREE.


Registrations is limited to the first 60 students.


For more information including how to register see DreamCon for Students.



Paradise ICON


Includes ICON registration and is limited to 10 people maximum.

See http://mindbridge.org/paradise-icon/ for details.


Alumni of neo-pro writing workshops are invited to apply for a 2-day workshop experience that combines a Milford style workshop with an opportunity to attend and participate in ICON, a general science fiction and fantasy convention.


ICON author guests will hold panels with the participants and neo-pros will have the opportunity

to read their work and participate on convention panels.


The capstone of the experience will be a chance to meet and connect with guests, local authors and regular ICON attendees.


Participants will be encouraged to arrive Thursday evening as the workshop will begin early Friday morning.

Workshop activities will conclude Saturday evening.


Before you register for Paradise ICON please contact Catherine Schaff-Stump regarding your journeyman status by emailing Paradise ICON. ICON membership is included in the Paradise ICON Workshop. To register for the workshop, go to Registration and select registration type Paradise ICON after you have been approved by Catherine.



Writers Workshop by Mickey Zucker Reichert


This workshop is limited to four people who register for the workshop in advance.

Each person must submit one short story or book chapter(s) totaling no more than 25 pages double spaced.

Mickey would rather have someone submit 30 pages rather then leave off the last five pages of a story.


ICON must receive the manuscripts at least four weeks before the convention to give time to copy the manuscripts and make sure those in the workshop each get a copy of every manuscript about two weeks before the convention.


You are expected to read and mark up the copies BEFORE the workshop and will receive the marked up copies of your manuscript at the end of the workshop which will be on Sunday morning.


Manuscripts should be mailed to ICON 42 Writers Workshop 308 E. Burlington St #300 Iowa City, Iowa 52240 or emailed to writersworkshop at iowa-icon.com. Participation in this workship is free to registered ICON attendees. Go to registration to register for ICON. Register for this workshop by emailing Writers Workshop before submitting a manuscript.



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