Click here if you are interested in volunteering! ICON would love your help before, during, and after the convention.


Continuing for ICON 42! ConBucks!


Volunteers have the opportunity to be gifted with ConBucks at a rate of one ConBuck per hour (some jobs are double-hours: registration on Friday, setup on Thursday evening and Friday morning, and Sunday teardown after closing ceremonies.)


ConBucks may be used just like cash at the Registration Desk to purchase registrations for this year

or pre-registrations for next year.


Special: 20 Con Bucks will get a Standard Adult membership for next year, or patron may upgrade to Benefactor with cash for the difference in price between Standard and benefactor. Ten Con Bucks will get a Youth membership.


They may also be used at participating vendors in the Vendors' Room, again, just like cash, with the following restrictions:


No change will be given.  ConBucks may not be exchanged for cash.  ConBucks expire at the end of the con.

And of course, ConBucks may be used at the Volunteer Table for the usual volunteer gifts.


How can you help?




Storage area (loading and unloading) - Thursday, September 28


We will be meeting at the storage locker in Coralville at 4 PM.


Setup (and tear-down) will net you double ConBucks (volunteer hours). Pizza will also be provided.


If you need a ride, please contact us. Direct email would probably be best: volunteerdept@iowa-icon.com or call the number below.


The storage locker is at 761 Camp Cardinal Blvd. in Coralville (across from the HyVee on Hwy. 6).


Turn down Camp Cardinal Blvd. The building we are in is actually behind the main office area. Turn left at James Street, go about a block. Look for a sign that points to your right. I think it says something about "Gate 2". Turn in there and go up to the automatic gate area. If we are already there, you will be able to see a U-Haul truck by the building. Honk and someone will let you in. Otherwise wait by the gate and we should be there shortly.


Brian's cell phone number: (641) 426-8031


Convention setup at hotel - Thursday, September 28 and Friday, September 29


If you can't meet at the storage locker, you can meet us at the hotel when we arrive with the truck. That will probably be around 5:30 to 6:00.


During the convention


Registration Desk

Volunteer Table


Gaming Room

Dealers Room

Art Show


After the Convention


Teardown and cleanup - Sunday, October 1


Storage area (loading and unloading) - Sunday, October 1



Please contact volunteer department to sign up to volunteer or fill out this form








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