Room Parties


Yes, ICON will be having room parties! The Garner's Karaoke party will be there as well as parties sponsored by other conventions and several just for fun! If you want to host a room party, PLEASE contact us below to make sure we get your room assigned to the second floor!


Room Party Contest this year!


Once again we will have a room party contest!!!! Room parties are an enormous part of the ambiance of the convention during the evenings, and in appreciation of what they provide for our convention we wish to once again give back! Our contest themes this hear will include: Best Snacks, Best Beverage, Best Theme, and Best Room Party. The host of the room party that gets the most votes in each category will win that category, with the room party winner for "Best Room Party" will receive a free membership for next year's ICON. Come, share in the fun, and vote for your favorite room party!


Please post the theme of your room party to Facebook at, to build up the antici....................pation!


Susan Leabhart will handle the ticket collection & counting. She would like to have the ballot boxes reflect your room theme, but if you don't want to supply your own box, let her know & she will provide a box for you. Susan will be checking with the hotel early September to confirm that the party rooms are in order & will send more information to you then. The winner will receive a free membership to next year's ICON! Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!




You may not charge any form of admission for your room party but you may have a tip jar for voluntary donations

Your room party must be on the party floor (2nd floor)

You are encouraged to have music for ambience, but if you are too loud that the room party next to you can't hear because of your music or people complain, you'll have to turn it down.

You must register your room party before the convention begins.

Send an email to roomparties to register your room party.


Be responsible.


Some Guidelines:


Only blue painters tape can be used to attach things to doors and walls.

If you think it might be messy, put down plastic

You are responsible for making sure everyone is of age if they are consuming alcohol.





































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