Programming grid PDF is available for download now and details will be available very soon on!


The Program book is available for download also.


Children's Programming track


This year we will again have a special programming track for children. More information will be coming soon. Important: Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Our children's programming track is not day care.


Variety Show new this year!




Game Library Open gaming, scheduled gaming and/or peruse the Mindbridge Game Library.  Collect your friends and play a pickup game.


Opening Ceremonies


TICC Enjoy the Trans Iowa Canal Company's Production after Opening Ceremonies


Wylde Nept - An Icon Tradition on Friday evening at 9 PM


Calling all Costumers....This year we will once again have an opportunity for costumers to show off their best alter-ego(s) to be judged by others.


Saturday we will have the traditional ICON Masquerade Contest. Contestants will have a chance to step on stage and show off their costume to a panel of esteemed judges. ICON encourages individuals of all ages, genders and skill sets to join in on costuming fever.


Art & Benefit Auction Bid on the hottest artwork from our art show, or raise some money for our Charities.


Chocolate Ceremony An (ir)reverent pagan celebration of the joys of Chocolate. Rejoice! And Yum-Yum!


Bulwer-Lytton/Vogon Poetry Think your poetry could make a Vogon cry? Could you write the first sentence to the worst novel of all time? Prove it!  Results to be read publicly for everlasting infamy on Sunday morning.


Benefactor Brunch - 9AM Our Benefactors schmooze with the Guests and take in breakfast.  Witty conversation Sunday at 9 AM, who knew?


What Did We Do Right? Did you find a panel you REALLY liked? Or maybe you need to rave about the Con Suite?  If you have ideas for next year or recommendations for improvements, please join us.


Closing Ceremonies Wrap up the convention in style and get spoilers for next year. Find out who won all the contests throughout the con.  Drawing for free ICON 41 Membership from completed surveys. Say goodbye to our guests and staff!  (If you do not attend, we’ll assume you’re at the bar...)


Dead Dog Party When the con is all packed up and put away for another year, we kick back and relax.































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