Greetings Cosplayers, Costume Junkies, Masquerade Pros & Folks who just want to play Dress-Up. Here at ICON we host a fun, relaxed, casual Masquerade/Cosplay Show. We welcome all. Outfits must be “Street Legal” and we ask that you keep things PG-13 as there may be children either in the audience or on the stage.


There will be forms to fill out at the registration desk. There will be an MC who will read information about your costume, including who you are portraying, who created the costume and who is presenting. The MC can also read a short story to go with your presentation. There MAY (no promises) be technology to play a CD with recorded music or presentation. Please keep these to no more than 90 seconds (less is better).


The Masquerade is usually early Saturday evening.


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