Yes, ICON has Gaming!

A room is dedicated to gaming all three days of ICON!

There will be

Open Gaming

scheduled gaming

video gaming


extensive Mindbridge Game Libary

all available for free.


Birch Open Gaming Room Hours are:

Friday 3 pm to Sunday 2 PM (yes, you can come game at 1 AM)


Aspen Gaming Room with Mindbridge Game Library and Video Gaming Hours are:

Friday 3 pm to Midnight

Saturday 10 AM until Midnight

Sunday 10 AM until 2 PM


An ICON badge is required for entry to the game room!


If you are interesting in running a game (or games) during ICON please email gaming and let us know. Pick-up games are always welcome. A game schedule will be posted by registration, the Con Suite and the gaming room.


Mindbridge Game Library Checkout Procedure


To borrow a game from the library, request the game you would like to use at the Library desk at the event which you are attending. The attendant will find the game and will mark your badge number on the checkout sheet. If you would like to take the game to another room, you will need to provide some item of value (ID, keys, etc.) as collateral, which the attendant will keep until you return the game. You will be asked for a time that you intend to return the game. Please be considerate and return the game in a timely manner so that others may also use it. Games are due before the end of the day they are checked out. When you return the game, the attendant will review the game with you for missing pieces or damage, and if the game is in satisfactory condition, we will return your collateral item and mark the game as returned. Games returned in unsatisfactory condition may be subject to fines or replacement fees, as determined by the attendant


Mature Gaming


Games which may contain themes of intense violence, sexual content and/or strong language that might be offensive to some adults and not appropriate for younger gamers will not be allowed in the gaming room this year. But never you fear -- you will still be able to play your Cards Against Humanity or any other similar games. Mature themed games can be checked out with a legal picture ID from the Mindbridge Game Library in the main gaming room and taken to the Waterloo Room on the second floor. On Friday and Saturday if the gaming room is closed before players are done, the person who checked out the game is responsible for returning the game the next morning when the gaming room opens.


Mature Gaming Hours are:

Friday 10 PM until Dawn

Saturday 10 PM until Dawn

Sunday Noon until 2 PM





































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